Friday, December 08, 2006

Comic Book Ad: Wonder Woman model kit

Wondy and Aquaman may be pals, but it is clear that there is no love lost between her and Topo.

I had forgotten that Aurora produced a Wonder Woman model kit. The only ads I ever saw where for Batman, Superman and Superboy. I wonder if this kit is all the more rare because (presumably) young male comic book fans would not buy it over concerns of being thought of as playing with dolls. How unlike today, when people will snap up any darn thing*.

From Eerie #7 (January 1967)


* I want!


  1. That Tony Stark figure is pretty tasteless, though not quite up there with the Black Mask action figure with drill accessory for torturing girl sidekicks to death.

  2. So somewhere, in some garage, inside a bucket of rusty nails behind some old tires is the original mold, taken home and forgotten by some line supervisor now long dead.

  3. I've just been informed there is a sealed one on ebay for $1300. That's nuts.


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