Saturday, December 02, 2006

Rudy Vallee hates pants

The story, probably apocryphal, goes that the animators resented having crooner Rudy Vallee forced upon them by the studio for a short scene in the 1934 Betty Boop cartoon Poor Cinderella so they rendered him as not wearing any pants. Generally, the creative talent of any given project are a clever, sneaky, devious and revenge-minded bunch. This comes from often being far more intelligent than the "suits" that are in charge of them (the merciless subtle harrassment the SNL cast and writers waged against Dick Ebersol and his bunch comes to mind). So I tend to accept it when I hear of little Easter Eggs like this getting slipped into a project.

You can see the entire entire short Poor Cinderella and more for yourself at the awesome Betty Boop collection via Vintage Tooncast.



  1. I think at this point it's traditional to say something like

    "If I ever form a band, I'm gonna name it 'Rudy Vallee Hates Pants.'"

  2. Since qa 1934 Betty Boop was probably originally B&W, i'm betting that it was an error by the (probably Korean) low-paid, semi-skilled "artists" whop worked on the colourisation (probably in the 60s).


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