Friday, December 08, 2006

Grocery Store Artifact: Secret Santa can bite me

I won't participate in Secret Santa at work this year. Primarily because all my co-workers suck and also because several people last year didn't get their SS anything in return and then actually had the nerve to complain that what they received was not good enough. Plus, I'm not in the mood. I'm not spending a penny on anything or anyone related to my job.

I officially declined to take part in the fauxbration but like those kids that go door-to-door selling one dollar charity candy bars for 6 dollars (and then pocket 5 dollars), some people don't know when to quit. After much annoying harassment from the Amazing Disappearing Co-Worker Who Wanders Away Whenever A Customer Shows Up I finally picked a name from the Secret Santa Deli-bag of Names and promptly threw it away into the garbage. She got all upset and thinking she was going to teach me a lesson, told everyone who may have picked me to throw away my name. Oh noes! I thought I had made it clear that I didn't want to play this year. Maybe the use of entertaining sock puppets would have got the concept across faster? Mmm, sadly, no. Not with this bunch.

Apparently, all the boneheads think I'm joking and not being serious when I assert that I dislike them due to their slovenly hygiene, poor work ethics and because I have to take up the slack for their general lazy performance.

For instance, my scheduled hours routinely get "bumped" by the ADCWWWAWACSU because she constantly complains she does not get enough hours per week. Union rules allow a senior employee to take hours from an employee with less seniority, so she does, then struts around telling everyone she "screwed someone over for hours" and then in every instance leaves work early. The ADCWWWAWACSU is actually one of the the least annoying of my co-workers, don't get me started on the recreational narcotics users and the thieves.

Merry Christmas!

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