Friday, December 15, 2006

Spider-Man Reign: A little continuity can be good

As anticipated there is a minor furor over the exposure of Peter Parker's aged genitals in Spider-Man - Reign #1. This was known that it might be an issue prior to the release of the books but Marvel still let it go out to retailers anyways. It was only after reaping some much-needed publicity that Marvel offered retailers credit for a return on the books.

While I personally do not think the "art-gaffe" is a big deal in itself, the realities of molehills being rapidly transformed into mountainous lawsuits and spurious charges against retailers is very real. Unless it gets released as a mature title then Marvel should not have put already hard-pressed retailers into the uncomfortable position of screening who can purchase a "Spidey-Man" comic book for fear of upsetting a parent. Presumably, the trade edition will have Peter wearing judiciously-applied Editorial Swimwear.

If you are so inclined, you can see the uncensored panel by using the itty-bitty link below. Weirdos.
Spider-Man - Reign: Uncensored

That said, this issue of Reign is proof that Continuity Is Good.

In this fight scene from Spectacular Spider-Man #129 (August 1987), the paid hitman the Foreigner needles Peter Parker about a steamy affair with Peter's girlfriend, Felicia (Black Cat) Hardy.
I love that silent panel after the Foreigner states that he and Felicia had a good laugh when ridiculing Peter's physical attributes in comparison to his own. Peter is already emotionally crippled and very insecure when it comes to relationships and women, so I can imagine what is going through his mind just then. Unfortunately it appears also that from the evidence shown in Spider-Man - Reign that the Foreigner was not just talking trash, either. Poor Spidey.



  1. When I see that second panel, I don't see a Spidey who just got emotionally nut-punched.

    I see him silently narrowing his eyes - because he can't really deny it, as we now know - and getting ready to hurt the Foreigner real bad.

  2. Wow, and I thought Marvel had no interest in continuity anymore.

    I'm also glad I decided against flipping through Spider-Man: The Dark Knight Returns.

    Yeesh, that looks bad.

  3. Easily some of the worst artwork Marvel's ever inflicted on paying customers. Marvel stinks.

  4. Did you noticed that 10 seconds passed (acording to the clock needle) for Peter to think about that coment? Haha, it´s just so ridiculous...

  5. The Foreigner had a gimmick where he would hypnotize people into losing time so he could stick a kinfe in their throat. Think the movie "Looker". What? Never seen "Looker"? Shame on you.


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