Friday, December 22, 2006

Babes of Prey

Looks like Big Barda was in such a hurry to help all of her similarly personally empowered female friends in Birds of Prey #101 that she forgot to wear all the parts of her battle armor. Namely, the chest plate.
In this issue showing off the breasts didn't make her any less of a badass but the lingerie-armor isn't what I've come to expect of the no-nonsense Barda or her creative team. That's okay, though. She still has better protection than that goober who appeared in Catwoman.

Who wears all over body-armor and doesn't cover the skull? This guy flies at high speed, sets off mini-rockets within a few yards of himself, smashes through walls and just stands there when people shoot at him. Stupid. I'd be covering my head and running the other way. I imagine one day when the police find his body the armor will be intact but the dead man inside will have had his brain impaled by a brick. At least that is how I'd write it.

Bonus this issue: Plenty of hot MEGA-ROD action!

Thanks, Gail!



  1. Big Barda's costume bothered me, too. It was so weird: I was hoping they were going to address it in the comic. It just looks wrong, with all the other protection she wears.

    But she wields a mean mega-rod.

  2. Well, it does look weird, but gail Simone loves the cheesecake.

  3. You can't blame it on us men this time. The artist, Nikola Scott, is a woman, too.

  4. I noticed this too! :O

    She usually has a plate there, wtf :O

    I blame the audience that DC wants to cater to :| The IGN review praised this issue for having sexily drawn women b/c that's "important" for a comic book about women.

    Basically, the powers that be prolly are thinking "oh girls will read nething with girls in it, but boys need the cheesecake". >:|


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