Saturday, December 09, 2006

He's such a nice boy

It's December here in America, the month when 49% of the population celebrate the apocryphal. So in the spirit of the season I present these un-retouched panels from the 1942 EC series, Picture Stories from the Bible.

According to legend, Jesus created the first mnemonic memory exercise that facilitated even the most obtuse goat-herder to remember their daily affirmations. Pretty smart, if true!

Whoa. It's like a Fractal Infinity Meme! The entire memory exercise is also the first word of the entire meme and it can take you round and round and round! Just like a mental prayer wheel. Jesus was the shizznit. I bet he blew some minds back then.

Of course, that little trick didn't work all the time, given that the people of the time were pretty thick and prone to killing people if they violated the local blue law by bothering to rescue their ox out of a pit it fell into on Sunday. Jesus found that the babes in particular were a tad slow and didn't seem to grasp the subtleties of his less-than-successful OBAFGKMN meme.

More to come!


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  1. Thus spake Zarathustra: "On old Olympus' Towering Tops, a Finn and German viewed some hops." Canst thou deny this truth?


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