Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Marvel introduces new Bikiniverse lineup

Buoyed by the runaway success of the revamped and not at all hyper-sexualized Daughters of the Dragon, the new White Tiger and terrified that DC Comics will gain market share with their Minx line of comic books targeted to fangirls and fanboys looking for cartoon pre-teen girls drawn wearing short skirts, Marvel announced that they will also be specifically courting female readership with an expanded universe line of their own starting mid-2007.

Marvel will use the tried and true concept of alternate universes popularized in their What If? series. In the various titles, under the collected banner of the tentatively titled Bikiniverse imprint, female versions of Marvel characters will meet up with their male counterparts in a summer blockbuster multi-issue story arc that will variously connect forever all the Marvel, Ultimate and Adventure universes in a mega-crossover event.
After sales reports are in, Marvel will launch all-new on-going titles featuring all the Bikiniverse characters such as Shang-She and Iron Sis (see exclusive preview art above). Marvel also reports that most, if not all, of the new characters will be lesbians who are editorially-mandated to kiss another woman at least once per issue (twice per issue in the Bikiniverse MAX line).

Marvel doesn't have very many male counterparts to their heroes and I find it would be fascinating to see how writers and artists would explore issues of pregnancy and other feminine ickiness while engaged in life-and-death pillow fights battling against the Latverian health care worker and monarch-in-exile Nurse Doom. I can hardly wait!



  1. Iron Sis is hot. Is she going to sit around talking about not wearing underwear and other hot girlie stuff with all her friends? If so, then I'm in.

  2. ....honestly, I would buy from that line. I'm not sure if that makes me a bad person, but I'm always open to stories with girls kissing. Especially superpowered girls.

  3. Please, please, please tell me this is a work and not real. Because it's just too plausible, and I have a big bruise from where my jaw hit the floor. Please say it's a foolie.

    Tammy Pierce

  4. Sweetie, it's a JOKE....

    ...It is a joke, right, Sleestak...?

    Tim Liebe ^
    I'm with her.... |

  5. Hey! I recognize that! It's from an old issue of FOOM (70s Marvel fanclub -yeah, I was a member) magazine, isn't it?
    I think my copy is still around somewhere, probably at PLOK's house somewhere...
    So it WAS drawn by someone working at Marvel, at any rate (albeit about 30 years ago...).

  6. It's a joke, right? Oh please let it be a joke....


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