Tuesday, December 12, 2006

PC Batman

Sometime in the 80's, presumably the early years of the decade sometime around his foray into the Outsiders, there was a scene in a DC comic where a group or committee was talking about what superheroes could be called upon in event of an emergency.

During the meeting Batman was referenced and discarded because he was not too friendly to the status quo of the time. On a computer screen was an image of the Batman with the words "Politically Incorrect" also on the screen that declared his official standing with the group. It could have been the government, the JLA, I don't recall exactly who was discussing him.

Anyone know where that image is from? It's been making me crazy trying to find it. It was, I think, one of the first uses of the term Politically Incorrect I recall seeing in print. It meant something quite different back then, than what it eventually came to mean.

Update, 1:40 pm: Found it! Reader Joe W suggested Batman and the Outsiders #15. I checked and that wasn't it, but the Von Eeden art reminded me that it wasn't originally drawn by Jim Aparo, which I was sure it was. It occurred much later in the series (BatO #27) than my faulty memory led me to believe and was drawn by Alan Davis. Thanks, Joe!



  1. I don't have my comics books handy, so this is from memory, and it might be wrong. I'm pretty sure it was from Batman and the Outsiders #15.



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