Sunday, December 10, 2006

I get questions, you get answers

From email & comments:

Why did you start blogging?
Stress. It's a semi-creative release.

Stress? How so?
It doesn't matter. The tentative title for this blog, the one I decided I would devote some energy to, was "Why I Hate You", but that path leads to craziness. Plus, I was tired of those supposed political, social and comics blogs where the poster did little more than whine about their lives and and fill it with minutiae of what they did that day. That's all fine and good for those who are using it as a diary for friends, net-friends and family. It's not my thing. If I'm going to complain about things like work, I'll do it in what I hope is a fun way anyone can enjoy, like in the Grocery Store Artifact posts.

A zippy title can get you noticed. Is that why you picked "Lady, That's My Skull"?
It's not just a non-sequitor, like some blogs or the name of a band. It has an origin.

You post a lot.
Yes. I have no life outside of the family and work, about a gig of images on the drive and nothing to do because Maryland sucks and I have no desire to shoot animals.

Why do you hate Maryland so much?
Have you ever been to Baltimore? Plus, the people, the region, job market, lack of culture and anything to do that doesn't require a day-trip and killing deer. Mostly the people.

What is the fascination with groin injuries?
They are funny. It used to be taboo in comics, now it's everywhere. My favorite is still the one where Batman kicks a guy.

What's the deal with Hayley Mills?
Are you kidding? She's my unrequited crush. I wanted to marry her when I was little and that was way before I liked girls.
Why "Sleestak"?
Why not? I like the Land of the Lost and the character appeals to me. To a child they are frightening, but they were really so very slow-moving and the arrows they shot would likely hit you with all the impact of a nerf ball. They were a non-existent threat. It's a funny persona to put out there. It's not like I care if anyone knows who I am. I've been outed a few times and if you look around I'm easy enough to find. It isn't even the anonymity. Mostly it's web tradition, though, to remain mysterious. I don't use the Sleestak persona to hide behind. I wear it much like a pair of glasses, not a mask. It is also amusing to go into a comic book store and think "They don't know who I really am! This must be how Clark Kent feels! Ha-ha!" Wait, that's sad. I don't do that. Also, skateboarders have been trying to co-opt the character for years and I want to take it back from them. They vandalize stairway railings and scratch painted curbs and that bothers me.

Are you a girl?

Why are you always posting feminist stuff?
I don't see it as feminist. Any critiques I have about how genders are portrayed in comics comes partly from cynicism. Most of the cheesecake and soft porn are shallow attempts to manipulate fans and I think that shows contempt for the audience.

Are you, you know...
As a matter of fact, no. I'm only 6' 5". About two decades ago it was learned that evolution and improved diet has made the new average height at about 6' 2". You stunted freaks are just slow to catch up and face the reality. I pity you all.

What are your favorite comic books?
Hard to say. I have a definite love for Silver Age DC for the wackiness, comics of the 40's and 50's because they are direct descendants of the Pulps. But I find little fault in Marvel's 1960-1970's output for great writing and art. Gerber and Englehart screw with my brain every time I read them. I mostly stopped reading in the 1990's for reasons related to story quality. I guess you could say I'm eclectic. If I had to choose a favorite I lean towards the DC Silver Age.

Where do you get all your great/awesome/hilarious comic panels?
Let me put it this way: When I die, my comic collection will go up for bid and comic book stores will line up and beg for a chance at obtaining the collection like Halliburton at the front gate of the White House. The rest I get through friends or browsing the net. Different search terms will bring up random stuff I think interesting so I save them for later.

You seem a little mean-spirited.
I don't intend to be mean. I'm blunt. 99.9% of what I write is fiction. So no sense thinking I'm being nasty to someone or something that doesn't exist.

You deleted my comment! Why?
It's my blog, sport. I actually agonize over it when I make the decision to do it, though. I dislike censorship of any kind but hate speech immediately goes buh-bye. I don't appreciate the swears, either, because I prefer this site to be accessible. Some comments, even the ones with unhinged, curse-filled rants I have let remain, some I deleted if I felt it didn't add anything to the post. Oddly, posts about religion or politics generated little, but one about John Byrne caused the attack-trolls to flood my email. If they had actually read the post in question it defended him on many levels and praised him for others.

"You are a sinner! You will brun in hell for what you said about the President/Jesus/Whedon".
Relax. Buy your kids some soap and new shoes instead of spending the money on your beer and wide screen TV. No one who lives in a trailer needs a television that big anyways.

While on the subject of Q&A's:

Was it really necessary for the convention host to include the name of the character played by Marina Sirtis in Star Trek? Was there anyone in that audience not familiar with who she is?



  1. 'Stak, there are so many great places to go in Maryland! Like Philly, Delaware, and Jersey!

  2. As regards the Marina Sirtis pic, I'm actually amazed the con organizers felt they had to identify her at all to a bunch of trekies. Unless they thought people would think she was Nigella Lawson and create embarrassment by asking her for her recipe for deep-fried Mars Bars...


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