Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Grocery Store Artifact: Memo to Supervisors

FYI: If you ask me five times in five hours how my Christmas went then you are just being insulting. Don't get me wrong. It is nice that you show an interest but there are limits. By repeatedly asking the same thing you are letting me know that I'm not important enough for you to remember for more than 50 minutes at a time.

It's just like when you struggle to recall my name in spite of us working together for six months and in the face of the fact that I have a large name tag on my uniform. You think it's a clever little way of establishing who is in charge and who is not. In reality, not being able to recall the name of one of the three co-workers you spend the day with just makes you seem feeble-minded.



  1. Good god, there's an Office-style sitcom just dying to be made about where you work, isn't it? (And not that dredaful Ten Items or Less show.)

  2. How about responding with random names when asked? Then they either have to accept it and look foolish or deny it and prove they knew all along and look foolish.

    It's a win win situation. Unless you like your job.


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