Thursday, January 04, 2007

Are You Afro-Gasted?

Sure, Archie and his pals may have hardly changed in 40 years but Bunny and her friends lampreyed hard to every passing fad imaginable. Being the Queen of the "In" Crowd, Bunny was forced to live in her own time and always be ready for the next popular wind to blow change. Or something, this is why I work in a deli and not for a big publisher.

After a few years of publication Bunny's creative team decided that the in-house, world-famous Fab Four clones, The Beagles were passe' and the subsequent Liverpool scene and British Pop Invasion were no longer hip. So the talent created what was a more happening band with a funky 5th Dimension crossed with Sly and the Family Stone appeal, The Soular System.

Bunny #013 - The Soular System

It was 1970 and there where real bands with worst names, so give them a break (Strawberry Alarm Clock? Buffalo Springfield? 1910 Fruitgum Company?). After a few issues the band also happened to be garbed in very outdated clothes. Let's face it, if the kids on Room 222* didn't wear it, then it was not cool. This is a problem with following trends and using them in a comic book. By the time the book gets to the stands the styles are Squaresville, man! So in Bunny #13 the group decided they needed a new image for the hep cats at the Friday night dance-fest at the local HoJo (that's Howard Johnson for you non-cool types). Everyone has their own zany ideas on what to do to update their image, and lead-singer Randy even earned his own mighty 4th wall breaking panel!

Randy is now immortal in my eyes.

Bunny 13 - AFRO-GASTED!

Right-on, Randy!

Apparently in a story twist that no one could have possibly seen coming everyone had wildly diverging ideas on what would be a good update for their act and they each implemented them without consulting the others. Way to run a business, gang! You must have come right out of public service and started your band. No wonder you all live in the park and mooch food from the friends with steady employment.

Anyways, as luck would have it the Soular System turned out to have accidentally invented Glam-Funk Rock and for one shining night became Earth, Wind and Fire.

Bunny #013 - The System's new glam look

* "I'm sorry, Principal Kaufman...But I'm not sorry!"


  1. Lionel Ritchie was never in Earth Wind And Fire. I think you mean The Commodores. Of course, you may also be thinking of Kool & The Gang, who sang "Joanna".

  2. Whenever I think of that damn song my mind gets clouded.


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