Saturday, January 06, 2007

Artistic Censorship: Lord of the Isles

This book from 1954 features a good example of artistic censorship. The island native that is the target of the Lord of the Isles is exotic, attractive and has all the secondary sexual characteristics of a Barbie doll. She has breasts, but the artist made sure the cover art could hint at raciness while still being tame enough to put out on a sales rack by leaving out the details of the areolas. The island girl isn't nude, the figure has been rendered gender-neutral while at the same time suggesting sexiness.

Bought last week for a quarter. It's value has depreciated only a dime since 1954.



  1. "This is the complete and unexpurgated version"

    Oh, I'm sure there was an abridged and edited version of this floating around as well, huh? And that this cover blurb wasn't merely an attempt to get a customer to pick up the book because it must be racier than something that is very racy indeed?

    To paraphrase Tolkien: "Those who approve of courtesy (at least) to authors rattling out sex thrillers inside a weekend for a quick buck will purchase this edition and no other."

  2. I've got a book.

    It is green.

    And it has bare wimmin in it!


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