Sunday, January 07, 2007

Vintage Ad: Don't exhaust your NERVE FORCE!

Junk-science babble like what can be found in this ad would be amusing if it wasn't so dangerous to all the woo-woo consumers out there eagerly lapping up every energized water molecule, alchemical salve and 'natural' cold cure put in front of them to sales amounting to many hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

Dr. Miles' Nervine Liquid ad



  1. girl, you're FANTASTIC! i feel sorry you won't be able to read my blog, as i write in portuguese, but i just wanted to say thank you for showing me all those curiosities in golden age comics. you can't imagine how helpful for my graduation thesis your thoughts are.

    anyway, i mean you've gotta a fan now, from rio de janeiro, ok? keep writing, and i'll keep reading.

  2. Are there any clues as to exactly what's in this miracle tonic, I'd like to know? Electric eel oil, perhaps?

  3. I made a salacious comment about Basques and BIG BARDA and the internet went funny...

    It told me it had failed in some respect.

    I think the guy in charge just got over exited.


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