Saturday, January 06, 2007

Into the Bunnyverse!

Oh, no! Bunny is late for her other-worldly superglam party!

Who can best help Bunny traverse the perilous multi-interdimensional paths of Ditko-space so she can attend the big blash in the Far Out Party Dimension?

Bunnyverse_Bunny 13

Would it be the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange or the enigmatic mystical guide (and former con-man buster) the Phantom Stranger?

It's a toughie! If you lead Bunny down the wrong path and choose poorly she could suffer a horrible fate hauling Dormammu's ashes* or spend an eternity in Bunny Hell, which for her would be working the women's clothing department at the K-Mart in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Sure, the Doc has the big whammy and flashy pyrotechnics, but he always treats the people and deities he helps like imbeciles. Being the Queen of the "In" Crowd Bunny is pop-fad royalty and probably would get way bummed by his anti-yvoorg over-30 attitude. The Strange One on the other hand is much more polite and is not at all creepy or weird if he isn't being written by Alan Moore, but he does have a habit of abandoning you to die if in his opinion 'destiny decreed it'.

Dr. Fate isn't currently available, but Bunny couldn't accept any aid from him anyways because she'd get helmet-hair and she wouldn't look all glab for the wing-a-ding.


* What? He's on fire all the time. Must be a sooty mess around his place.


  1. Oh Phantom Stranger all the way. He weears an opera cloak...AN OPERA CLOAK! The man has standards. The good doctor on the other hand, just dresses like a weirdo.

  2. I have to go with "D - None of the Above."

    Clearly, Bunny's mysterious mystical guide *must* be... Johnny Beyond!

  3. Johnny is groovy and all, but kind of a hemp head beatnik.

  4. Billy from Family Circus can help! He does this stuff every week.

  5. phantom stranger #? (The 1950s series)was the prototype for jla (Silver age) #2.


  6. cover prototype, that is.


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