Sunday, January 07, 2007

Censorship isn't just a disguised CIA surveillance boat on a river in Egypt,

Fury #1 - Censored
Fury #1 (November 2001)

What a difference from the 1960s Steranko version of a sex scene, which the artist reportedly had to tone down because it was considered too racy.



  1. What the hell is up with that? I don't remember Nick Fury being some sort of orgy-crazed degenerate.

    That's totally Daredevil's territory.

  2. I wonder how Steranko would draw that scene.

  3. Careful with that thing. You'll poke your eye out.

    Nice blog. I found you through Jess....

  4. How would Steranko draw that scene?


  5. Steranko would have more taste than this. This is pure Howard Chaykin territory, with his wooden characters and clumsy dialogue intact.

  6. And yet he STILL looks totally pissed off! What's it take to make the guy happy? Replacing all the women with boys?


  7. Context, people. Yeah, that's a pretty pig-headed scene, but I can't fault it completely. It WAS written by Garth Ennis, who brought us Tulip(of Preacher).

    IIRC, the scene immediately followed a montage of Fury's life becoming completely redundant due to corporate downsizing of SHEILD, getting dumped with the most annoying teenager in the world(WENDEL!!) his old HYDRA friend/foe Rudy Gagarin trying to talk him into starting another war. He had a great deal of frustration, hence the reason for him still looking pissed off.

    Oh, and Steranko would have drawn something fluffy sweet with rose petals and Fury's gunbelt in the foreground. Like earlier in the post.

  8. Just because you can draw naked orgies doesn't mean you have to.

  9. I'm w/JSG - it takes you aback, but in context with the rest of the issue it shows you what's become of Nick Fury, and tells you where his soul is at. Sure, it could've been done with (a LOT) more subtlety, but....

    ...It WAS written by Garth "The Authority" Ennis as a Marvel MAX title, which means it bears as the same resemblance to a mainstream comic book as David Milch's HBO series DEADWOOD bears to a TVLand western rerun. You can almost imagine Ennis clapping his hands and going, "A Nick Fury MAX book? You mean, I can show boobs, and Nick's tumenescent Fury - and drop F-bombs all over creation? Where do I sign?" ;)

    All told, it's actually a good title * so long as Ennis isn't indulging in any (truly appalling) MISS SAIGON fantasies. (There's a scene in a later issue where Fury's SHIELD detail rescues the kidnapped daughters of a Napoleon Island general, and the daughters' subsequent behavior had Tammy flinging the issue across the room in rage!) But that's always the case with Garth Ennis, I think - one moment his writing is simply brilliant...and the next, it's like wading through an overflowing sewer barefoot.

    Tim Liebe
    Dreaded Spouse-Creature of Tamora Pierce
    - and co-writer of Marvel's White Tiger comic - #3 out now! :)
    * - Example of "really good" is ex-HYDRA Agent Rudy Gegarin's explanation of America's, and later China's and the USSR's, involvement in Vietnam - and a useful corrective to anyone who believes GW Bush's only "lesson from Vietnam" is "we lacked the will to win here."

  10. Ah, what better to clear the palate after a 7-way sexathon than a cigar, a double bourbon, and nice relaxing episode of "Gomer Pyle, USMC"?


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