Friday, January 05, 2007

Grocery Store Artifact: Tiendra Une Twinkie

Twinkie the Kid - Twinkie holder

A protective sheath for your Twinkie (stop it, you!) that because of the awkward shape is difficult to store in a lunch bag or briefcase and elicits laughs from co-workers if they see it. It is able to protect and hold up to one entire Twinkie (Useless! Who can eat just one?). It does not stand up on it's own despite having feet shod in bright red high-heeled cowboy boots. Found on a mark-down table. Cost fifty cents.
FYI: Don't unwrap the Twinkie before placing in the Twinkie Holder. If you do it will force you to extract the Twinkie by "drinking" it with a straw or scooping it out with a spork. You think something like this would come with instructions. You'd think.


  1. What a wonderfully useless object. Sadly the UK has neither novelty twinkie holders nor twinkies to keep in them.

  2. I've actually got the cupcake version of this (for storing one Hostess Cupcake. It looks liek a plastic Orange Hostess Cupcake. Sadly, it is not shaped like Captain Cupcake.

  3. I've told you, it's on the Simpsons and therefore MUST be true. Twinkies turn to liquor after a while. Therefore, this is not storage for a regular twinkie, but actually a DECANTER! Makes sense when you think about it.

  4. I bought one of these many years ago, and I think it was worth the 99 cents (full price?) I paid for it. I mean, where else was I gonna get a Twinkie the Kid action figure with a cool dual purpose? Sure, it doesn't stand on its own feet, but then neither do my Jay & Silent Bob figures, and they cost at least 25x more (curse you, Kevin Smith!).

    Sadly, Twinkie The Kid comes with no accessories. However, he does look good holding Silent Bob's bong.


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