Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bring Jugger Grimrod to 616

Why? Because of the marketing truism that "Every super hero team needs a Wolverine."

I wish it wasn't a fact, but it is.

Even die hard fans of Logan are weary of him being everywhere all the time. As a rule fans recognize X-23 for what it is, Logan with breasts, and despise the character with a passion usually reserved for Arana and Girl-Scorpion. Saberclaw is in Avengers Next and being in an alternate future probably isn't available for a role in the regular Marvel Universe. Plus, he's stupid. So it is time to bring in some old fresh blood in, and that is from Jugger Grimrod!

Grimrod isn't doing anything at the moment and he could use the work! Jugger is a member of the Alien Legion, a book about an interstellar police force made up of various extraterrestrial soldiers that first appeared in the 1980s. Before L.E.G.I.O.N., I might add.

Grimrod is hard core. Like Wolverine, Jugger is a bad ass killing machine. He is animal in nature, morally ambiguous and likes copious amounts of booze and drugs (Attention, Marvel! That is good for years of preachy subplots right there!). He is also the best at what he does in his universe. And also like Logan he has claws.

Alien Legion v2 #016 - Snic
Sure, Jugger sports a single blade that is in the cuff of his battle armor but it extends with a 'snic' sound, almost like the one's Logan sports. I don't know what it is made of but the blade can just about cut through anything and Jugger uses it about once an issue. He even used it on family members just like Wolverine.
Alien Legion v2 #016 - Jugger and Dad
Marvel could do worse than transport Grimrod to the 616 realm. Instead of creating a new Wolverine rip-off just use one you already have in stock. Fans will show less cynicism that way. With the Annihilation story line there is the perfect opportunity for Grimrod to appear. Being a science fiction character who is also a space-pilot Grimrod could easily accidentally slip into the 616-verse what with all the dimension-hopping and haphazard Negative Zone warps opening up all over the place.



  1. I do not believe that Marvel owns the Alien Legion characters.

  2. Then rent them! Or use them anyways!

  3. The Legion is actually the French Foriegn Legion, in Space. But I agree that the 616 needs more Jugger Grimrod. Or maybe some telepathic armadillo people?

  4. Is Jugger Grimrod the alien love child between Wolverine and Robocop?


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