Saturday, January 13, 2007

If I wrote Civil War

I think it would be cool if during the final climactic fight scene with Iron Man over the Registration Act, Captain America yanks a rubber mask off of Tony and reveals that the guy in the armor is actually this guy:

War Toy by George Perez

War Toy first appeared in an alternate future tale in Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction magazine #3 (March 1975) by Tony Isabella with art by George Perez. The War Toy model showed up again years later in the great Busiek/Perez run of the Avengers a few years ago being used as shock troops by Ultron. Since the brain patterns of the Avengers were recorded by Ultron during that battle it wouldn't be too difficult to have a War Toy model impersonate one or more of the heroes involved in the conflict. I would not be too keen to have the entire Civil War be something that occurred because Ultron wanted to keep all the players too occupied to stop his plans to take over the planet, but I wouldn't hate the motivation being about politicians and corporations scrabbling for money and power gained by using the tech from a captured Ultron or Alkhema body.

It isn't at all likely, but I do like the War Toy.


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  1. War Toy has been a favorite of mine for a long time...but I totally missed spotting that Perez in-joke from Avengers!


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