Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Girl, you're a woman now

From the DC Solicits

It appears that while visiting the Toilet of Solitude, puberty hits Supergirl like a page-a-day calendar made of Kryptonite.

The Question has a Posse. No, that isn't a spelling error.

As a guy, I'm totally offended by this incredibly hot, arousing cover.

Hello, Steve. Long time no awesome!

Sand, I assume. But the mask makes him look like a Dr. Seuss character as imagined by Alex Ross.

This issue of Jonah Hex better not involve a time machine and the year 1966.



  1. Is the ice statue behind Supergirl of Superman or Mr. Majestic?

  2. God, I'm bored already with Justice Society with those dull Ross trading card covers. Remember when the pin-ups used to be inside the book, with a catchy slogan and a swilring signature? Bah.

  3. Look! It's Jonah Hex as Jerry Cornelius.


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