Saturday, January 13, 2007

Results of painstaking research

Graph detailing comics sales vs porn availability

Once comic books were no longer the main source of pornography available to children sales dropped fast, leaving only as customers an aging and ever diminishing fan base that is hung-up on Gwen Stacey and thinks the Kurt Scaffenbeger Lois Lane is their ideal woman. The time line is a bit compressed because the 1990s were chock full of crap and nothing much of note happened in the industry until All-Star Superman began to publish.



  1. *grin* Oh, that's wonderful. Explains so much, so well...

  2. Er... are you aware of that your chart looks, a little, like an outlined couple having sex?

    It can't be a real chart, though, huh?

    Cause why else would the "male" be blue and the "femalwe "be red, it's quite blatant, isn't it?


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