Thursday, January 04, 2007

More coolness from Joe Kubert's other job

For all you Joe Kubert junkies the January 2007 issue of the military preventive maintenance "comic book" PS Magazine is available online.

Joe Kubert - PS Magazine Jan 2007
Plenty scenes of guns a-blazing, exciting combat, battery terminal repair and
a panel where an incautious soldier electrocutes himself!

This issue features a few awesome Joe Kubert (and maybe students or sons?) combat scenes and of course, anthropomorphic machines of mayhem more concerned with oil changes than the search for Sarah Connor. Because it is so much like real military life, I enjoyed the panels where the soldier shines a light on a weapon which causes them to draw hostile/friendly fire. When the other soldier wisely runs for cover, his partner keeps targeting him with the light. I have stories, don't get me started.

I don't know about you, but I can't get enough of that Kuberty stuff!

Link to the online pdf file edition of PS Magazine: Jan 2007


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  1. Ah that takes me back. We had a generator mechanic in our unit who was capable of all kinds of craziness.

    I had a satcom van on the back of a 2 1/2 and he changed the phasing or something on the generators so you would get a shock if you tried to climb the ladder to get in.

    He also routinely peered into open gas cans with a lit cigarette dangling out of his mouth and play "Ice Ice Baby" endlessly in his room.

    I always wondered what happened to him. Wherever he is now, he's probably missing a finger or burned his hair off or something.


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