Thursday, January 25, 2007

Not breaking the 4th wall, just acknowledging it is there

Adam over at Comics Make No Sense has been posting Silver Age panels from classic Marvel comic books, focusing on and humorously critiquing with little jabs the writing style of Stan Lee. I'm getting a kick out of what he posts about one of my favorite comic eras. The Lee/Kirby era I normally read with my internal critic turned off (Why without fail did all the commie spies carry Communist Party ID cards with them into top secret military bases all the time?). Many of his posts have been mined from the early issues of the Fantastic Four, one of the magazines that revolutionized the comic industry in the 60's.

Here is a panel from Fantastic Four #20 I found in that vein of comedy gold that I hope CMNS hasn't posted about yet. This scene serves to make Johnny Storm look like an idiot by using some exposition from Reed obviously directed at readers.

Fantastic Four 20 - Not breaking the 4th wall, just acknowledging it is there



  1. And of course the very next issue features the Wig Room!

  2. I always like how compact Kirby drew The Thing in those early issues.

  3. A teenager not knowing the even the most basic rudiments of science? Whoah, there's a shocker!

  4. hey, hey! Thanks for the shout-out! I'm determined to milk the FF for every joke I can find..... it's a gold mine!

  5. Heh, tell that to that stinkin' weed, The Molecule Man, Reed!

    I just broke the fourth wall... FROM THE OUTSIDE-IN!!!


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