Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rang-A-Tang killed himself a bar

As promised here is the tale of Rang-A-Tang the Wonder Dog and his ursine-slaying adventures at a lumber camp. In this story Rang-A Tang is traveling with friends Hy Speed and Richy the Ass Pain Boy when they come across a crime scene. During the investigation Rang gets amnesia and goes feral, palling around with another stray dog. While in the hills Rang-A-Tang gets hungry and successfully ambushes a full-grown bear and kills it just for a snack. Rang-A-Tang is hard core.

Blue Ribbon #22 - Rang gets amnesia
Don't forget to ambush the picture for a pdf download.

If DC's Rex the So-Called Wonder Dog tried that he'd end up as an undigested bit of white fur stuck to a medium-sized pile of bear feces.



  1. Rang-a-Tang is probably just after the gall bladder. Supposed to be an aphrodesiac or something.

  2. Rang has never needed an aphrodisiac. He's all dog.

  3. Wait a minute - wait a minute - struggling actor Butch Dykeman??!?!?!?! Is that for real? You didn't photoshop that in?

  4. I think you meant this comment for the Popular Teens post above the Rang-A-Tang one. But no, that is how they published it. Butch, Tony and everything.

  5. You're right. Rex doesn't kill bears.

    Because for Rex, bears are too big of pussies to bother with.


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