Saturday, January 20, 2007

Grocery Store Artifact: Is this the last?

Could this opus of mixed media be the last Grocery Store Artifact ever? Maybe. This is art. Artists make lots of money.

Vaughn Bananna

To the vulgar and uninitiated layman this looks on the surface to be merely actor Vince Vaughn's face cut out of an old cardboard Wedding Crashers DVD stand placed on some fruit. But art has many levels of depth that most people are unable to discern due to their inability to appreciate talent. Yet most importantly, you are tragically un-hip if you do not like this art and won't ever get to have sex with wild party girls if you do not buy this for large amounts of cash.



  1. Well, Vince Vaughn does have a certain

    (wait for it)


  2. Vince Vaughn?! I thought that was Jethro Clampett!


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