Monday, January 01, 2007


For any who swing by this way not via a text feed you may notice I changed the header photo, something I actually thought I'd never do because I really enjoy that old museum photo I've used up to now. I'm aware nobody really cares about the layout, but I feel I owe a thanks to Marionette at the not-updated-enough Dance of the Puppets, who way back when sent me the propaganda article about a woman writing her boyfriend a thank-you letter for sending her the skull of a Japanese soldier scavenged from the Pacific Theater of WW2.


  1. See, that's why romance is dead. nobody sends their best gals the skulls of their fallen enemies anymore.

    It's a nice logo, though.

  2. You just know that thing's still in their attic somewhere.

  3. It's probably in their living room occupying a place of honor right next to their Franklin Mint Nascar plates.


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