Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Comic Book Ad: Magic Mate Meter

Adventures into the Unknown #5 (1949) - Find Your Mate

I think my next hobby will be to send in old coupons with payment to the addresses of purveyors of things like these to see what would happen. I'd bet any checks or money orders I send will be cashed by whoever currently occupies the address. Be nice of it worked, I'd dearly like to have a 6-foot Polaris missile-firing mini-sub for $1.25 and some iron-on rainbow glitter Bicentennial t-shirt decals for fifty cents each.



  1. Remember that show "Get a Life" starring Chris Eliot?

    There was one episode where he received a submarine that he ordered out of a comic book when he was a kid.

    "May take 8 to 10,000 weeks for delivery."

  2. I'm gonna print out this coupon and walk over to 1841 Broadway on my lunch hour, and by golly, if Keira Knightley isn't waiting there to go grab a sandwich with me, I'm gonna be very disillusioned.


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