Sunday, January 14, 2007

Norman Rockwell is F'n Metal

For a second I thought that was Norman Rockwell painting a Conan book cover, then I realized it looked more like Victor Mature bringing down the temple in Samson & Delilah. I haven't found a representative photo of this painting he is pretending to work on but then again he did over 4000 commercial works, some of which were destroyed in a fire. I thought it an interesting piece because Norman is primarily known for his idealized depictions of American life and not so much for album art for Iron Maiden and Meat Loaf.

Norman Rockwell is totally F'N Metal!

Found via Modern Mechanix.



  1. Totally off subject. You once, in a post a good while back, mentioned that nothing gave you so much pleasure as a new Repairman Jack novel. having never heard of it at all, but knowing you to be a discerning and funny man (if also brutally callous to the clueless), I searched out the first one, the Tomb. I am now hooked. So, Sleestak, remember the power of the Interweb. Your influence reaches down through its longest tubes.

  2. The ironic thing is, Norm's lookin' in a mirror and painting himself.

  3. NOOOOOrm!!!

    HE USED TO PINCH CLOTHING OFF HOBOES, you know...and pay them for their clothes.

    Norman Rockwell, that is.

    One of my heroes.

  4. Norman Rockwell would drive down a road...see a down-and-out wearing a great, battered hat...leap out of his car proffering a nice new hat...and, having bought the battered item of clothing, drive on with his trophy.

  5. We were talking about Norman Rockwell, weren't we...

    ...or have I had too many pints of Black Sheep bitter?

    I'm looking for young boys who want to draw...

  6. For props, I hope, and not trophies collected from the bodies of the hobos he killed and ate.

  7. And what, exactly, is wrong with eating Hobos, Mr. Sleestak?

  8. They are lovely with a couple of poached eggs on top.

    (Hoboes, that is.)

    And I Aint got no Home Anymore.

  9. stopped you dead in your tracks, there, diddle I?

    And stop putting apostrophies in dates

    Love your Blog though.

    And Bullies.


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