Friday, January 26, 2007

Who's that Cap?

From Punisher War Journal #8
Punisher War Journal #8 - Commie Smasher Cap?
Just wondering, has Frank Castle been idolizing the wrong Captain America all these years? In this flashback from a time before Frank went to Vietnam, is this the Commie-Smashin' Captain America in that uniform and not Steve Rogers?



  1. I thought it was Commie-Smashin' Cap as well - one of my favorite stories from the Englehart era by the way.

    (Hmmm. Commie-smashin' Cap. Now there's an action figure.)

  2. I heard that Captain America is close friends with Alberto Gonzalez, and is now working at Gitmo as an entertainment director.

  3. good lord, it looks like someone did this art by hacking quake. ugh.

  4. I think they did. Someone pointed out that last issue or so the artist forgot to Photoshop out the cross hairs in one scene.


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