Saturday, January 20, 2007

It was 20 years ago today

Happy Anniversary, wife!

Korean wedding dolls

Marriage is a wonderful journey. I've never regretted any minute of our being together and we have a wonderful kid as an addition to the world. While our experiment in living in Maryland has not been our bestest idea ever it has only made our emo-bonds stronger. But any successful union requires compromise. You dislike comic books with a demonic fury and think that my free-time dabbling in reading, writing and art is a waste of time that I could be "doing something". I hate gossipy, superstitious in-laws that do nothing but cause problems because they enjoy nothing more than waking up sleeping puppies to hear them squeal just to relieve the fearful tedium of their empty lives.

Baby, if you promise to tolerate my hobbies then I won't manipulate events to cause you to become disowned so I won't have to deal with the barrage of faux-emergency panicked idiocy coming from the woo-woos. You should count your blessings that I love you enough not to go through a divorce like what has happened to each of your many sisters (twice each and counting, now) just to get away from the never-ending, manufactured, mountain-from-molehill family drama.

Love you!
Here's to another 20 years!


  1. Gee, this makes me want to give marriage another go.

    Congratulations on 20 years. That's 19 longer than I lasted.

  2. Thanks! It is true that all the good ones are taken.

  3. Umm, good luck with all that, for what it's worth.


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