Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Birds of Prey #106: Her cups runneth over...NOT!

Barda RULES!

A special thanks to the entire creative team of Bird of Prey #106 for moving past the silly marketing gimmick of showing Big Barda's breasts spilling up over the top of her uniform on the cover. In the story itself Big Barda was fully armored up, unlike in issue #101, as befits her character and background as an Apokoliptian warrior.



  1. In recent issues of BoP, for whatever reason, Barda's armor left her cleavage/sternum/heart exposed. Especially after establishing that she's not 100% bullet-proof.

    I was puzzled why, in a book like BoP, the artists and editors decided Barda needed to show cleavage. That, and it made me really miss Kirby's original design for her armor.

    I have this issue but haven't read it yet. Glad to see they made some sensible artistic changes.

  2. Dude, you sure are obsessed with breasts. Just like the artists you slam for accentuating them.

  3. But I think I do. You actually notice when they were covered up, as opposed to spilling out. You celebrate it. You mention it on your blog. Her boobs are covered, hooray!!!!! Its ok though. I'm obsessed too. We all are. In fact, I'm going to a 'boob-lovers anonymous' meeting tonight, right after my date with Powergirl. Oh Powergirl...promise me you'll never cover up, girl...

  4. I just don't care for gratuitous scenes or depictions that are really just desperate pandering for fans too stupid to get porn from the internet.


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