Tuesday, May 22, 2007

For this I need popcorn

I'm just going to sit back, relax and watch this time.

...I'd hate to see what a 2007 version of the Comics Code Authority would be like and I think Marvel is on the CCA Express and is going full steam ahead. Since sexist marketing due to the desperate need for dollars outside the usual fan sources is bringing comics to the attention of those outside the usual demographic, I expect that sooner or later (the moralists need a new target in 2008, don't forget) someone will notice what is going on (similar to what happened in the 50s and to a lesser extent, the 90s) and start in on the "think of the children" thing.



  1. Some how I'm reminded of the quote from the Simpsons episode about Lisa's wedding: "You know, Fox turned into a hardcore sex channel so gradually, I didn't even notice."

  2. I lament anything that isolates comics from children, whether it's cost or inappropriate content. I can't imagine what my take on the hobby would be now if I had to contend with $3 for a 22 page pamphlet with a cheesecake bondage cover like that. My parents would have had me collecting baseball cards.

  3. That's the real issue Adam. Those trolls who go on about Feminazis and prudes and such are not taking into consideration the Parent Oversight Factor.

    I was the sport of parent who believed his kid could make an intelligent choice about his entertainment but there were plenty of times I said "Hell, no.".

  4. Let's hope the new CCA is more like the ESRB.

    However, this could end up being the catastrophic fire Alan Moore recommended for the comics industry.

  5. Those trolls who go on about Feminazis and prudes and such are not taking into consideration the Parent Oversight Factor.

    Yep. Hubby and I both loved comics well into our twenties - and both discouraged our kids from picking up that particular addiction. I've got two teenagers now and neither one of them pays cash for American comics - one of them collects manga (the entire run of Kenshin, which is pretty much super heroics with a sword), the other one picks up the occassional comic at the library but directs his cash elsewhere, not least because we've made it clear comics have to be vetted and that's too much hassle for him to bother with. (He's 13 - no, I'm not going to be checking his comics once he's old enough for college....)

    I can look past tentacle porn covers, but my daughters don't seem to have that ability, and I'm certainly not going to encourage them to try. It is depressing to discover that comics are less accessible for women now than when I started in the early 1970's!

    I hope this doesn't multipost - my popup blocker is acting up...


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