Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Creepy Older Men

Never mind why Dick Grayson had to pretend to Lois Lane that he was long retired from crime fighting and now working at the Daily Planet and that several decades had passed Lois by. The real question is why no one, including Lois, thought it anything other than normal that a 45 year old Dick Grayson was wearing his old Robin costume to work every day .

From Lois Lane #6 (January 1959).



  1. Once again Lois's love for her purse saves the day!

    Isn't that what tipped the balance against the Anti-Monitor in Crisis?

  2. I'm wondering why Robin is assuming he'd have male pattern baldness. Even people who have male pattern baldness don't admit it to themselves!

  3. I think I would've fallen for it. That Robin is wiley!

  4. umm , she's a moron ?


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