Sunday, May 13, 2007

Have a Marvelous Mother's Day!

Ultron loved his Mother so much that he tried to marry her! That is not good. Don't be like Ultron and try to transfer your Mom's brain into an empty metal shell so you can have your own creepy personal love doll. Do like I did and take her to lunch and buy her some non-creepy stuff from the mall.

These days, having failed after numerous attempts to steal Janet Van Dyne away from his father, Ultron now inhabits an uber-hot clone of her body. Go figure.


This Oedipal moment is from Avengers #162 (August 1977).


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  1. I forgot that Jocasta is based on Janet's brain. Then again, Ultron is based on Hank's brain. Makes you want to pluck your eyes out with a broach, don't it? ;_)


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