Thursday, May 10, 2007

How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way!

Step 1) Put your pencil on the paper.

Step 2) Continually apply 10,000 volts to testicles, making sure to not lift pencil from drawing surface.

Step 3) Submit results to Marvel for publication.

Step 4) Profit!

I thought the art in New X-Men #38 was bad, but that is some heinous stuff.

Page from Wonder Man #5 (June 2007).



  1. They have eyeballs on their foreheads. How do these hacks get work?

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  3. Nuh-uh. That's from the 90's. You can't fool me!

    It is isn't it?


    It HAS to be....

    Awww... crap.

  4. it looks like they pasted in new faces without lining them up properly. Freaky.

  5. What I want to know is, what is holding up the skirt of the girl on the right. It can't be her hips; the skirt is below them. It can't be her belt; she's not wearing one. It can't be the Comics Code; it doesn't exist any more.

    In addition to having an oddly-shaped head in general, the girl in green has a round ear.

    Not only do they have man hands, but check out the feet. Apparently both girls are somehow related to Sideshow Bob Terwilliger.

    I believe that this may well be the worst single panel of comics artwork I have ever seen. Is it asking too much for Marvel's artists to have even a rudimentary idea of what a human being actually looks like?

  6. NOT the worst panel.Read the rest of it, but check on your LCS return policy before you buy.

  7. Sorry, there was going to be some snark here, but I couldn't stop laughing.

  8. "Breasts bigger than your head" is nothing new, but I do believe combining that with feet bigger than *either* is a comics innovation.

  9. This is indeed truly horrible.

    It's why I avoid almost all superhero comics now, even though I'm still a huge comics geek.

    And that geek in me wants to freak out because you titled this 'How To Draw Comics the Marvel Way' when this is in fact a page from a Wonder Woman comic, a DC Comics property. Just saying.

  10. The eyes of the girl on the right hand side are only slightly lower than they sould be becauce she has a long chin. The hair make's it look lower.


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