Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thanks, When Fangirls Attack!

I noticed this morning the May 16th issue of the online New York Post included a quote from my opinion about the Mary Jane Comiquette. The quote was slightly out of context but really, with the New York Post is there any other kind? Now to parlay this newfound exposure into a book and movie deal!

Mary Jane statue article - New York Post 051607
Click picture for full article

Update: Fox News also quoted me.
Update: MSNBC doesn't read the article either! (They rewrote the article today to remove quotes).

Thanks, When Fangirls Attack!

Disclaimer: In the event of fame and fortune I owe you nothing.



  1. congratulations. you are 'a writer' :p

  2. We aim to spread the fame, Sleestak. :)

  3. The unasked question is why is Marvel trying to get me to have lecherous thoughts about a married woman? ;-)


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