Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cool Golden Age Page of the Day: Stupid soldier, atomic force waves are for kids!

Sweet, sweet Golden Age of Comic Books! This Flash Gordon ripoff is almost Fletcher Hanksian in its absurdity. Still awesome, though.

The Space Rovers from Exciting Stories #8 (February 1941).

It is hilarious that both the captions and dialog repeatedly explain what is going on in the panels. It is like Chris Claremont had access to a time machine and went to work for Better Comics.

Bonus Panel with COMEDY GOLD dialog!
"From now on we'll probably have to use our wits and fists!"




  1. I'm guessing that during the rocket-monorail trip to the palace, they just coasted along on their good looks and maybe rumors of generous trust funds. But in Chotan's palace you live or die by your skills at playing Jeopardy!


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