Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Wonder Woman is tough...ON DIRT!

It appears that DC, encouraged in no small part by the promise of huge profits to be had from the licensing of female comic book characters, and eager to capitalize on the recent storm of publicity generated from the preview of the Mary Jane Watson clothes-sorting statue kerfuffle, has authorized the issue of the new Women of the DC Universe Wonder Woman Bust.

From the press release:

"Whether sexy super-heroine Wonder Woman is breaking the neck of a super-villain or breaking the hold of grime on her favorite blouse using high-quality cleaning products, you can rest assured that this is one Amazon Princess who enjoys doing the laundry and other satisfying domestic chores that make a home into a personal and private Paradise Island of her very own."


  1. It might just be the mock-up, but the base really makes it look like Wondy has been severed in mid-thigh. I know that's often a problem with busts (part of why they don't appeal to me) but surely there must be a less stumpy way to portray their first lady.

    And surely Diana knows that the Tide Stain Stick is superior in every way to the Clorox Bleach Pen.

  2. Foolish Bully! Tide stick will clump in your fur and cause spotting! Only the Clorox pen offers the specialized application tip that lets you target only the dirt and prevent damage to precious fabrics!


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