Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pulp Wonder Woman

-The New Paradise-

The space-suited figure was terribly heavy to carry but Diana dared not lighten the burden by removing the protective suit the man wore. Breaking the seal on the visitor's helmet and exposing the rocket ship pilot to the atmosphere could prove fatal, or worse. Much had changed in the world in the century since the corpse of the Zerodark slammed into the world from outer space and transformed the world of mankind forever.

Diana spared a glance back over her shoulder at the vast, horizon-spanning bulk of the creature that destroyed much of the old world so many years ago by dying within the pull of the Earth's gravity. She could still detect the wisp of gray smoke from the destroyed rocket curling upwards through the sky, visible against the cracked, dark blue chitinous armor of the Zerodark. An hour's walk distant from the rocket and Diana could yet hear the hungry screams of the alien fauna drawn to seek prey by the noise of the rocket crash.

For a moment an exhausted Diana considered abandoning the unconscious pilot to the mercies of the strange plant and animal life that was borne to earth by the ill-timed death of the moonlet-sized creature. Living within its flesh, both hostile parasites and beneficial microbes were set free from their usual world of thick shell to attack and twist the Earth. But leaving the pilot to a horrible fate was a consideration that was, at most, fleeting. The spaceman represented hope for her people. He was from a time no one was old enough to recall and surely held secrets of science that Diana and the rest of the survivors could only dream of. The remains of humanity would need this man's help in the quest to rebuild the world into a new paradise for them all.

Next Month

- Eye of the Zerodark-

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