Thursday, May 03, 2007

My new word

During a conversation today at work I made up a new word that will surely be immortalized in all the big dictionaries by next year:

A Lushbian is defined as a woman who usually acts heterosexual but becomes all kissy-face with other women when they are all really drunk.



  1. Great new word, much better than "Disagrievance" which nobody is picking up from me.

    I have a friend who started calling singers like Britney Spears "Pop Tarts" before anyeone else, or at least pretty much before anyeon else.

  2. I imagine guys would appreciate the word more than women.

  3. I know plenty of lesbians and bi girls (myself included in the latter group) who def will love this phrase for the pseudo-bi girls.

    lushbian...i love it.

  4. Genius!

    Stealing, using it, thanks!


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