Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Brothers under the skin

Comic book aficionados of the Silver Age have often explored how two such different characters as the staid, boring Barry (Flash) Allen could be such good friends with Hal Jordan, the cosmic Green Lantern, ladies' man and hot shot bad boy. All the explanations I have read so far veer into extremely detailed fan-wank and doesn't really make much sense as the characterizations are usually tweaked to fit the premise of the fan. I however, have the final explanation as to the strong friendship shared by the Flash and Green Lantern, overlooked by all since 1959 yet readily available to comic book historians nonetheless.

From The Flash #109 (Oct-Nov 1959), here is the secret behind their friendship.
In light of this scene, their relationship makes perfect sense now.



  1. That.. that's just.. that..

    but.. he's the Flash...


  2. Aw come on, he's the fastest man alive and he tripped and hit his head? He had time to explain what he was tripping over, but he couldn't stop himself? Shyeah right...

  3. You just think he did that on "accident," don't you?

    Tee hee. Another clever Barry Allen trick to get out of a date with that harpy Iris.

  4. Wait a second? He talked to Iris on the phone... 30 minutes pass while he's knocked out.... AND he's thirty minutes late? Did Iris expect him to meet her at the exact moment they hung up? Wow, she is a bitch.

  5. Y'know, if they had "LOL" in the Sixties, I suspect the ever-present omniscient narrator would have used it a lot.

    Just as well. Iris+Eobard=OTP.


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