Wednesday, May 16, 2007


It's no secret I have no tolerance and hold contempt for the purveyors of woo-woo and those who manipulate the gullible, scared and stupid using fear, hate and religion. I was, while not ecstatic like some at the passing of a human being who very likely had some honestly terrifying and painful final moments, was at least in a way relieved to hear of the passing of Jerry Falwell. My feelings come not from joy but rather from a place where you finally let go of the worry you held when you realize that a bully can no longer hurt or abuse anyone.

It doesn't matter if Jerry Falwell spent all his free time performing emergency air-lifts of blind, orphaned puppies from the middle of an African genocide zone and found them new homes with loving families after personally paying for sight-restoring surgery out of his own pockets. The man was a hypocritical bigot with what I hope was only a passing fancy with reality, because if he was not actually troubled mentally then his actions were those of a corrupt, evil person.

Chris Hitchens recently appeared on CNN with his own unique eulogy (using facts, mind you, not made up stuff) countering the slack-jawed, fawning praise others are spreading about the departed Reverend. His peers, who are probably pimping to be his replacement in the dim minds of Jerry's temporarily adrift followers slash cash machines ignore what the Reverend was like in their race to praise him while on camera. Hitchens is rapidly becoming one of my heroes. He is so scary smart that I'm sure he confuses and frightens all the Little Brains in the ranks of the Legion of Stupids. You can see his CNN appearance about Falwell here at Crooks & Liars.



  1. This should cure you of any lingering affection for Hitchens. As far as atheist mouthpieces go, he's almost as bad as Marylin Murray O'Hare.

  2. Hitch is a real piece of [work], but that doesn't mean he's always wrong.

    Just as Stalin was right to fight Hitler, Hitchens is right to befoul the corpse of Falwell.


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