Friday, May 11, 2007

Fantastic Four #7: Fixed it for you, Jack

Man, I do love Jack Kirby could draw people as incredibly ugly! Especially the women. Yeesh!

Fantastic Four #7 (October 1962).



  1. What's with Sue's head? Yikes!

    On an unrelated note, there may be a Land of the Lost movie being made.

  2. I'd rather that the entire concept of Land of the Lost be buried forever than there being a movie about it with Will Farrell in it.

  3. Hey there Sleestak, cool blog you have going. Mind if I link you? ;-)
    'popculturejunkie' here.


  4. Now, now. I always thought Reed made a rather...classically-handsome...woman. Not the first to get asked to dance, but she won't be the last one in the bar at 3 a.m. either. Maybe she could use that stretching power to soften her features a bit. She's kinda Bea Arthur-y, and that ain't bad.

    The blonde chick looks like an evil houseplant, though, end of story.


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