Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How do you like me now, John?

Why were Jessica Alba's facial features changed for the international promotional art of the Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer movie? Only part of her face resembles Alba any longer and is oddly asymmetrical now.

Maybe it was to fool movie-goers into believing someone who could act was in the sequel. I kid! I'm a guy, I love her. Who cares if she can act? At least until she hits 30th birthday, don't you know. Then she better be on a par with Kate Blanchett if she wants my movie dollars.

Still, strange to change her as if she wasn't attractive or appealing enough for the foreign market. The other cast members who are male (even the one with make-up prosthetics), appear realistically accurate in the Marvel promo art.


What do you mean by "John" in the title?


  1. She barely even looks like Jessica Alba in the pic but then again Jessica Alba doesn't look a thing like Sue Storm so I gess it's a wash.

  2. That's peculiar, alright. I haven't seen the domestic version of this poster -- is everything else the same in it (background, type, etc.)? 'Cause I wonder... if it was supposed to be altered anyway, maybe some overzealous Photoshopper just decided to go to town on her face. (Gosh, that sounds filthy! My apologies.) I mean, I've seen my share of Entertainment Weekly covers that have smoothed and shaped a normally attractive actress' head into a weird, poreless alien noggin.


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