Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tostitos endorses Evolution

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Just for the non-woo woo, biology-based, rational commercial alone a giant, faceless corporation has a new friend in me.

I saw a commercial for Tostitos flour tortilla chips on television the other day and was stunned and overjoyed. A little girl continually presses her father for answers by repeatedly asking "Why?" and the response isn't "Because!" like you might expect a frustrated parent to respond with in a funny commercial. The answer that finally satisfies her is one based in rational thought. So far I can only find the commercial on You Tube and if you haven't watched it you should before it vanishes or fades quietly away. The commercial itself isn't on the official Tostitos web site in spite of being out for a month or more and because of the content I suspect it may never be.

I know the party won't last because the company will ultimately worry about profits and boycotts and image and will inevitably screw up or fold under pressure from the faceless Legion of Stupids that seem to populate this country but I'll enjoy it while I can. The young actress in the commercial is precious and the message to her from her parents is heartening to see. Maybe reality is starting to seep into pop culture?

Just because, click the picture to see the Tostitos 'Why?" commercial.


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